Monday, 20 June 2011


Ive been included in ABC's Artist by Artist project for SEQ. ....
There are 12 artists in total working in pairs, and each of us involved in telling the other artists story.The final works are still in progress but the first press release has gone out....
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David Groom
Frederic Berjot
Stephen Baxter
Jessica Westhead
Narelle Urquhart
Kimberly Bianca....
Mary Barron
Nicholas Broughton
Rebecca Ross
‎Tal Fitzpatrick
and finally
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Sunday, 19 June 2011


A music vid that Jacob Schiotz and myself made for Dan Achfeild called Red, Yellow, Blue got played on Saturday 4th of June on ABC broadcast program Rage at 8am. Its was the Indie clip of the week and also posted on their website
Jacob did a fantastic job on the filming and I did the post production on the clip.....

Links to the video

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Surfers Paradise Festival

Living beneath the veneer of shimmering skyscrapers and polished promenades of Surfers Paradise lays a burgeoning culture nurturing some of Australia's most exciting emerging and professional talent. The Surfers Paradise Festival is not just a celebration of this once covert culture, but a platform from where we lift the veil on our local secret.....
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Running from the 16th June to 9th July, 
the Surfers Paradise Festival will be an unparalleled feast of music, art, food and lifestyle and the journey will begin with a lantern parade and an opening ceremony dedicated to the community 
it honours. Whether its top music acts, award-winning food and wine events, world-class street entertainment or adventures on the entertainment fringe, the Surfers Paradise precinct will have 'culture' written all over it.....
.. ..
The festival is also staging outdoor digital projections on buildings in the SP precinct that my work will be shown on.....

Much love and respect to Jolie Hertzburg who dedicated so much time into organising this festival

Surfers Paradise Festival Website

Surfers Paradise Festival 2011 from Surfers Paradise Festival on Vimeo.

Southern Oracle

Lost World Productions welcome you to the 4th creation of Southern Oracle.
Bring likeminded people together to celebrate the annual festival. It is a time to heal and partake on your journey, harmonise your message as one and this is when miracles take place.....
Was glad to be apart of this years Southern Oracle outdoor event. It was a lovely community gathering of like-minded people. I enjoyed my involvement, which included mixing visuals for Antix and Transducer....a fantastic job was done by Kimberly Bianca-Warren who co-ordnated all the roveing performers, visual artists and Vjs for this event



Three of Brisbane's best ever party crews ~ Asylum Entertainment, Thrillseeka Crew and Mayhem Team ~ join forces for one last blast, ready to show you once more why they are the best!....
Just tuned 24 LCD screens to pick up the vj signal that are placed throughout the venue for the mayhem Rave tonight. Think its going to be a fun night. At least the a/v side of things will be sorted. Hope my ears dont start bleeding by the end of it.... freestyle, gabba, hardcore....theres going to be candy, fluffy toys and ravers everywhere! Looks like Ill be Vjing for headliner Scott Brown on this rig....

Friday, 17 June 2011

Dear April Launch Party

Launch for compilation CD "Red, Yellow and Blue" (and filmclip) - 8:30pm ....
350 Upper Roma Street Brisbane Queensland ....
NB. The lead singer from Ohai will instead be performing as "Trouble with Templeton".....
Ill be doing the a vj set over the evening

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Earth Freq is a music, arts, lifestyle and environment festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. The concept of Earth Freq is not just a festival or party, but a gathering of different tribes and a weekend of connection, intention and inspiration.....
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This year they included a great selection of dubstep and crunk djs and live acts, featuring a performance by international artist An-ten-ae which I mixed visual for....
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