Friday, 14 December 2007

open space exhibition

Utilising the open spaces within TCB, OPEN:SPACE will allow the audience to experience the visually tantalising, body stimulating and participation criss-crossing of the local, interstate, and overseas emerging artwork, performance art, and music, live as it happens.

The audience will be visually enticed by the live visual art space where artist is given a chance to present the creative process. The rummaging of modern technology and the subliminal of mixed environmental sounds are protruding under musical performances of sound experimentalist Political Escapade and Dot. AY. Body movement juxtaposition with the architecture of TCB will allow audience to experience the visual intimacy of conversations through the live performances of Michelle Brown, Todd Fraser & Daniele Constance. An array of experimental video discussing the envisage of social, space, sexualities and political perception will be showcased within Stella Rufus, Anastasia Zaravinos, Melletios Kyriakidis's art piece as well as video installation piece of Kaya Barry. Two and three dimensional art pieces of Dan Molloy, Ashley Haine and Robert Campbell's work will be showcased around different areas of the building. 

This is a free one-night only exhibition of visual, aural and performance and will be a must for all those who want to see the future of art emerging before their eyes.