Saturday, 24 January 2009

Good news

Ive just been given a grant to work on a mentorship project with the amazing artist Stephen Danzig for 9 month in 2009.

I was quite suprised when I got the phone call as I sent the application
in thinking it would be highly unlikely that I would hear back from the
people running it (YAMP). I was pretty thrilled that Stephen Danzig
agree to Mentor me in the first place, as he has quite a hectic life at
the moment and spends a fair bit of time residing in London as well as
exhibiting internationally.

Danzig's work spans across many areas of new media and time based visual art such as photomedia, video & animation

Some of his work can be viewed online here:

As well as being an amazing visual artist Danzig is also the founder and
director of the International Digital Arts (IDA) projects, which have
been responsible for curating several large digital video exhibitions
across Australia, such as the Vernacular Terrain (VT2) recently held

IDAprojects short profile:

"Founded by Stephen Danzig in 1999, IDAprojects was the first nexus of
its kind providing a platform for academia, research technologies and
professional art practices in building a new discourse.  The past seven
years the IDAprogram has grown to feature a national and international
touring exhibition with an aim to present leading artists from around
the world who engage in new media arts and research technologies. Major
institutions and museums support IDAprojects as an important voice in
new media and contemporary arts."

I dare say this means I will be back fully emersed in the digital areana
again after the a few months break
........but not after some mandatory celebrations