Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Essence Screening @ GC short film Festival


On Wednesday 17th September Essence will be unveiled for the very first time as part of the 'In The Bin' festival at Currumbin Surf Club on the Gold Coast. The night kicks off at 5.30 pm with short films about extreme sport and nature documentaries followed by the screening of Essence and performances by some of the artists involved in the project. Essence will also be providing the entertainment for the outdoor sessions of In The Bin at Currumbin Parklands on Saturday 13th September and Friday 19th September.

Coordinators Emily Cook and Freddy Holler have united with the potent forces of visual artists Rose Staff and Nicola Parsons; musicians from established local acts Tijuana Cartel, Kwerkshoppe and Bowser and a variety of other unique and talented local creative's. The group intend to incorporate several more selected musicians into the project and produce a full length album and 1 hour documentary next year. Together they have developed a multi-media platform, designed to showcase the burgeoning creative community of which they are an integral part.

Attendees will be treated to a fascinating journey into the realm of artistic creation, offering an overview of the process of synthesising the many musical styles incorporated into the project; a visual snapshot of the fusion of creative individuals from a diverse range of artistic circumstances— emerging, established, indigenous, multicultural, indie rock, flamenco breakbeat, jazz funk, electronic producers and more … all representing a prolific cross-section of Gold Coast musical community. The film is also interspersed with images of the spectacular local scenery.


For more information about the people involved with Essence


There will be a version of the Essence short film online in the next few weeks