Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tijuana Cartel live show

Tijuana Cartel houses Paul George and Carey O'sullivan as co-producers, guitarists and keyboard players. Regan Hoskins as MC & Daniel Gonzalez as percussionist and a growing list of guests as live feature artists. 

The live performances are a concoction of multi-layered grooves, splashes of Middle Eastern vocals, lilting Moby-esque soundscapes, Flamenco and slide guitar, electronic world beats and live percussion all randomly supported by poetic social commentary.

Their musical energy & unrestrained delivery is thrilling audiences wherever they perform . Their tunes meander their way across the bumpiest musical terrain, a rhythmic body moved with stately deliberation creating inspiring & infectious rhythms.  

*****check out side project AUDIO SHAMAN*****  

Spanish Bossa

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

visual mix ~ minimal / feedback + distortion

 extract Steve Edwards - Dark minimal mix

01. Angel Galan - Funk Computer (Sexy Mix) [Escala]
02. Tatsu - Route 289 [Bump Foot]
03. Cesare vs Disorder - Aimak Peacock Recloosed [Essential Reload]
04. Greenbeam and Leon - Matador [Front]
05. Rene Hamel - Edelhof [White in Music]
06. Ture Sventon - Krumelur [Tropic]
07. Sebastian Herre and Mike Wall - Monsantoo Sucks [31337]
08. 0X7F - With Pleasure [31337]
09. Ambitronic - Da Oben Quer Drueber [Ideal Techno]
10. The Concept Child - Outgrow [Exposed Audio]
11. Killahertz - Rush [Fragment]
12. Shadi Megallaa - Vakant Lot [Kreatur]
13. Jean Murder - Ruido Rosa [Mininet]
14. DJ Dandi and Ugo - Rombi (Forty6&Two Remix) [Pinksilver]
15. Paravoice - Missing [Stir]
16. Paravoice - Phonecall (F*cka5 Remix) [Stir]
17. Sarah Goldfarb - Calling You (Jon Doe’s 4280 Miles Away Mix) [Stir]
18. Lega - Err0r [Igloo]